My List of Crafting Projects

My list of crafting projects is piling up! Do you ever get overwhelmed by the number of cute project ideas you see on Pinterest that you want to try? I definitely do! There’s so much to do and so little time.

In this blog post, I thought I would list out my crafting projects so you’ll see what’s coming up! (I figured that if I start listing out the top projects I want to do, I might be more likely to get them made).

DIY Baby Dedication Decorations

While churches primarily have baby dedications at church service on Sunday mornings, our church actually encourages our small groups to do these on their own. It’s kind of a cool concept. You can choose when and where you want to do the dedication and pick a date that works for your family.

The other girls in my small group and I are really excited to get to have this event. It’s coming up really soon, so I thought it would be fun to make some decorations for it.

Pictures to come!

DIY Harry Potter Props

Yep, that’s right! The Harry Potter props are far from over, and, man, have I found some great ideas.

If you don’t follow me on Pinterest, you should! I have a lot of boards with a lot of pins. Hopefully you’ll find some helpful crafts there.

I’ve even created a Harry Potter Obsession Pinterest board where I’m keeping these ideas grouped so I can easily go back to them. And if you have more ideas for me, please post them in the comment section! I’d love to hear them.

DIY Furniture for the House

A few years ago I actually made this bookshelf for our guest room (now in our baby’s room):


I want to fix this up. When I made this, I was in a hurry and didn’t take all of the necessary steps for making this a quality piece of furniture. It needs to be sanded and repainted and attached together better. This is not a safe piece of furniture for my baby’s room, but seeing how she doesn’t spend a lot of time in her room just yet, I haven’t had to prioritize this.

Christmas Cards

If you think I’m crazy for already thinking about Christmas cards, here’s my reasoning behind thinking about this so early: Etsy

A few years ago I made these adorable Christmas cards that I sold on my Etsy shop:

I sold quite a few of these. I want to start making some cards so I can get them posted before the holiday season hits and people start looking for cards!

Trunk or Treat

Our church hosts a Trunk or Treat every year and it is A LOT of fun! Each year, we have made fun props for the cars and made our costumes. See below! I’m pretty proud of both our trunks. 

The Lego Movie 2014

And yes, that is a double-decker couch behind us in those first photos! Haha. I am still extremely proud of our costumes. They turned out better than I could have hoped for! I was actually sad I had to throw these away a few months ago. I wanted to keep them, but I honestly had no place for them and I didn’t foresee us wearing them again. I remember how I made them though so if I ever need to repeat this costume, I’m pretty confident I can get it right!

Toy Story 2015

Trunk or Treat - Toy Story.jpg

I’m the one in the middle there. Here’s a close up and comparison for what I was going for:


I think the costume turned out pretty well! Also, if you look at the group photo above, I also made the Pizza Planet shirt the guy on the far left (your left) is wearing. That’s my husband.

I’m not sure where my other pictures are from this night, but if I find them I’ll post them. We filled the trunk of the car with lime green paper bags that we put Googly eyes on and made the Claw inside the car above them.

We also made a Pizza Planet rocket we put on top of the car, some Toy Story props for our photo booth that you see behind us (blue plastic tablecloth that we stuck printed and cut-out clouds onto), an Etch-a-Sketch for the Photo Booth and pizza boxes we painted and created Pizza Planet labels for. I get pretty detailed when it comes to this stuff!

Oh, and fun story! One of my friends actually went into labor here. She had her little boy the very next day. It has created a very fun memory from this night!

This year’s trunk is going to be…Harry Potter! What are the chances, right? This isn’t total coincidence. I actually asked about this trunk specifically since I have a lot of Harry Potter props made for another project.

Mystery Project

I have one more project on my list but since they are going to be Christmas presents for our families, I won’t share this one with you until after the holidays. Sorry!

You need a lot of preparation for this one, so even sharing this with you after the holidays will be helpful for your 2017 holiday gift ideas!

I’ll try to do another post when we get closer to December though to give you some DIY gift ideas. A few years ago I did a series on DIY Christmas gift ideas: 25 ideas, 25 days until Christmas, I think it was. It was a hit! I’ll try to do something similar this year.


That’s my list for now! As I was getting on Pinterest to collect pictures for this post, I found some more things I want to do. Ah! I’ll wait until I finish these projects to start anymore though. One thing at a time!


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