Starting the Crafting Mom Blog

Hi there. My name is Natasha. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but, being the busy new mom that I am, I haven’t had the time. Who knew?

I decided to make this a priority tonight and get the blog up! It’s the first step to blogging, right?

In this first post, I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself and why I started this blog.

A Quick History

I grew up in Oklahoma, went to school at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!), got married to my husband Aaron, and moved to Texas. That’s when my crafting really took off!

I’ve always loved to craft. In high school, I started my first scrapbook and got hooked! In college, I moved on to wood-burning and making collages. Once married, I started making cards as a way to save money and found that it was something fun to do. That’s when I learned about Stampin’ Up and become a demonstrator. Ever heard of Pampered Chef? It’s kind of like that, except with crafts!

I was a Stampin’ Up demonstrator for a couple of years and I really loved it! It was so much fun getting friends together to craft. Since my husband and I had just moved to Texas, though, I was having trouble getting it to really take off, so I resigned from being a demonstrator and now I just enjoy the products. You should check it out if you haven’t already. My cousin is still a demonstrator. Look her up! You’ll find her under: Laura Smith; Ada, OK.

It was upon our move to Texas that I started my Etsy shop: CraftsbyNatasha. If you clicked on my page just now, my guess is you saw a sad, lonely shop with nothing in it. It wasn’t always like that. It used to be full of cards, bags and scarves that I sold. However, once I got a job in marketing, my Etsy shop slowly diminished. Don’t worry though! In a few weeks’ time, you should see the shop start to fill up again!

What I’m Looking Forward To

One of my goals in the coming months is to set aside some time to craft and fill up my shop again, just in time for the holidays!

As I said, I got a job in marketing where I learned about search engine optimization, social media marketing, and blogging. I have been able to put my writing to use and grow in this skill over the past 3 years! However, with this gain, my personal writing time has diminished. That’s why I wanted to start this blog. I want to take everything I’ve learned and have a personal outlet where I can write about my life, crafting projects I’m doing, books I’m reading, and my kid.

Oh yeah, did I mention I have a kid? Hence, “mom blog,” right?! Presently, I am enjoying some time at home with my little girl, Addie, who is almost 5 months old, while also working remotely for a great company in Texas. (I’m so blessed to have that opportunity!). 


With this blog, I intend to write primarily about my crafting endeavors, while also updating you on good books I’ve been reading, talk about some fun TV shows I’m watching, maybe speak a little bit about parenthood, and hear back from you, my readers, about what new crafts you’ve created!




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